The best 3 crystals to beat the winter blues

With it's dark, cold days, winter can be depressing & make us feel down.  It can seem like it'll never end & we long for the warmer days & some sunshine.  There's some great news, though, here are some crystals that can help!


This pretty, orange gemstone is the best antidote to S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) & brings a warmth & comfort like bathing in the summer sun.  It brings a feeling of joy & lifts the dark moods that winter can bring.  Tumblestones are a great way to keep this sunshine stone with you, either carry one in your pocket or wear it in a spiral cage on a cord round your neck.

Citrine Cluster


Having a Citrine cluster in your living or work space is another great way to beat the winter blues.  It's golden yellow points will spread joy & optimism in every direction while also absorbing negative energy.  With it's warming energy, this crystal can overcome depression & help you to feel more positive.

Orange Calcite Thumb Stone

Orange Calcite

Try using a crystal worry stone.  Orange Calcite is perfect to use in this way.  Worry stones, also called thumb stones, have an indentation on one side of the gemstone that you can keep rubbing your thumb over to provide comfort & distract your mind.  Let your mind wander to happier times.  Orange Calcite brings a feeling of happiness & well-being so is excellent to use to help you feel better.

Most orange or yellow coloured stones will help & whether you choose to use polished or raw stones is down to your personal preference, they'll work just the same.

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