Top crystal tips to keep you grounded

Firstly, what is grounding & why is it important?

It's literally about keeping our feet firmly rooted on the ground but not just physically - mentally, emotionally & spiritually too.  If we're not grounded our bodies aren't in balance & this can cause illness & stress.  It's really important to focus on the needs of our entire self & not get too caught up in the stresses & strains of daily life & end up with our heads feeling like they're going to explode.  If we don't take the time to get grounded daily, we could neglect the vital things in life like health care, eating & drinking regularly, taking time to exercise & meditate, finding time to relax & recharge.

Grounding is a great way to start the day & be mindful of what you need.  Place your feet flat on the floor, ideally barefoot, & imagine that there are roots going from the soles of your feet through the floor & connecting right to the very core of the earth.  Take a few moments to feel the safety & security this brings, knowing that whatever the day has in store you're completely grounded & can cope with anything.  If you can hold a crystal while doing this, even better, as it'll really help.  You can then keep the crystal with you throughout the day (a tumblestone in your pocket is ideal) & every time you feel stressed, anxious or out of control, just hold the crystal for a few moments to bring you back to that grounded safety. 

There are many crystals that can help & here are some my favourites.

Black Tourmaline - as well as helping to keep you grounded, it protects against negative energies of all kinds.  Tourmaline can also reduce tension, stress & anxiety.

Hematite - this stone also helps with focus so is great to hold while doing your grounding exercise.

Smoky Quartz - as it helps to clear your mind for meditation, this is a great stone to use for grounding, plus it also helps you to relax.

Crystals that are useful for grounding are usually dark in colour & connect to our base chakra.  The base chakra controls our survival instinct & helps us to focus on the vital elements of life that we need to survive.

Try to incorporate grounding into your daily routine where possible & feel the benefits of becoming more productive & feeling more in control.

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