Which shape crystal should I choose?

Does it really matter what shape crystal you go for?  Do they all work the same?

Yes, it can matter & some shapes may work for you better than others depending on how you want them to work with you.

Here's how the different shapes can help you.

Clusters can absorb energy while also radiating energy all around & are great for using around the home to keep the energy clean & fresh.  Place in your hallway, living room or bedroom.

Double terminated (pointed at both ends) can help to bring balance to the body & balance the chakras as the energy can flow through them out of the body & also bring in new energy at the same time.

Eggs are great to use for stress relief with their tactile shape & help with detecting & rebalancing blockages.

Geodes soften the surrounding energy & are useful for protection.  Place by your main door or opening windows to keep your home protected.

Points direct energy in whichever way they're pointed.  Point away from the body remove energy/pain or point towards the body bring healing energy in.

Pyramids amplify & focus energy.  If you want to send distance healing to someone, place their photo or name directly underneath a pyramid & the energy will be amplified.  It's like giving it some extra oomph.

Spheres spread their energy all around equally in a soft & gentle way.  They're an ideal choice to use for the centre of a crystal grid.

Squares can be used for grounding & anchoring. 

Hopefully this will help you decide which shape crystal is best for you.

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