Abundance Crystal Set

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The price is for 1 set. See more crystal healing sets here

A set of 3 crystal stones that may help attract abundance.

The crystals included in this set are:-

* Citrine
* Green Goldstone
* Moss Agate

An information sheet explaining how to cleanse & attune your crystals is also included, together with details of the crystals selected. Please note that sizes, shapes & colours of crystals may vary as each crystal is unique. Each stone will be labelled for easy identification.

Also included is a gold coloured organza bag to keep your crystals in. 

Size: 7 x 9 cm approx
Weight 22 grams approx


*  The perfect gift for anyone who wants to attract abundance into their life
*  You can work with all the stones together or choose a different one daily
*  Full information included on the healing properties of the stones
*  Easy to follow instructions for cleansing
*  All stones are labelled for easy identification