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African Jade (Buddstone) Bead Chips - A Grade

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The price is for 1 bag of 50 bead chips. See more beads here

African Jade, also known as Buddstone, 'A' extra grade bead chips. The colouring of these small stones is mainly green with some white or brown.  You'll get a bag of 50 pieces with varying shapes & sizes. Ideal for jewellery making or craft projects.

Bead Size: 0.5 - 0.8 cm approx
Hole Size: 0.5 - 1 mm approx
Weight: 15 - 16 grams approx (per bag)  


*  Helps with grounding
*  Assists in dealing with the practicalities of everyday reality
*  Assists in understanding the noises your body makes when picking up subtle signals
*  Brings order out of chaos
*  Clears environmental negativity
*  Clears & purifies energies, allowing you to progress at exactly the right pace
*  Helps with the flow of energy or fluid within the body
*  Effective if your soul's path entails working in the commercial world to bring in more light & promote ethical decisions
*  Facilitates business dealings & negotiations that require finesse & acute perception of hidden agendas
* Unites a group into a common purpose
*  When placed in the bedroom it reduces sleep disturbances & nightmares
*  Helps headaches, migraines, pain relief, toxicity & menstruation
*  Helps muscles, kidneys, bladder, stress, incontinence & genital diseases/infections
*  Treats diabetes, hypoglycaemia, dizziness, Alzheimer's disease & senile dementia

Chakra: Heart
Zodiac: Virgo

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