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Apophyllite Crystal Cluster

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Apophyllite crystal cluster. The colouring is clear with a small amount of matrix attached. Apophyllite has a very brilliant shine, almost like diamonds.

Please note that as this is entirely natural & has not been polished or smoothed in any way, its normal that some loose material may become detached.

Size: 5 x 2.9 x 2.4 cm approx
Weight: 33 grams approx 


* Creates a conscious connection between physical & spiritual realms
* Stimulates intuition
* Promotes introspection
* It is a stone of truth
* Has a calming effect
* Reduces stress & releases mental blockages
* Releases suppressed emotions
* Overcomes anxiety, worry & fears
* Draws negativity from other crystals
* Has strong links to the spiritual realm
* Helps you to feel comfortable in your own body
* Aids spiritual vision & out of body journeys
* Aids Reiki healing
* Treats the respiratory system
* Treats asthma attacks

Chakra: Crown, Brow & Heart
Zodiac: Aquarius, Gemini & Libra