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Black Tourmaline Rough Stones - Medium

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Raw Black Tourmaline (also known as Schorl) crystals. These rough stones are in their natural state & some may have Mica inclusions. These stones were mined in Brazil. This stone protects against negative energies of all kinds & promotes a laid back attitude. It also provides protection, grounding & pain relief.

Please note that as these are entirely natural &d have not been polished or smoothed in any way, its normal that some loose material may become detached. Some of the pieces may have iron staining or Mica inclusions.

Size: 3.9 - 5.7 cm approx
Weight: 26 - 63 grams


* Protects against psychic attack
* Protects against spells & ill wishing
* Protects against negative energies of all kinds
* Keeps you grounded
* Increases physical vitality
* Reduces tension & stress
* Promotes a laid back attitude
* Aids rational thought processes
* Encourages a positive attitude
* Stimulates creativity
* Soothes anxiety & panic attacks
* Returns bad wishes to the sender
* Strengthens the immune system
* Treats dyslexia & arthritis
* Provides pain relief

Chakra: Base
Zodiac: Capricorn, Libra & Scorpio
Birthstone: October

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Carla Price
Great size!

Very good quality tourmaline. I was surprised how big it was for what I paid! Came well packaged so no breakages during shipping, highly recommend!