Bloodstone (Heliotrope) Sphere

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    Bloodstone, also known as Heliotrope, crystal spheres.  These stones have pretty green & red colouring with some patches of white or clear.  

    The stand isn't included but you can buy one from our range here.

    SPHERE 1
    Size: 4 cm diameter approx
    Weight: 91 grams approx

    SPHERE 2
    Size: 4 cm diameter approx
    Weight: 90 grams approx

    SPHERE 3
    Size: 4 cm diameter approx
    Weight: 93 grams approx


    *  Cleanses the blood
    *  Powerful healer
    *  Heightens intuition
    *  Increases creativity
    *  Provides protection & grounding
    *  Stimulates dreaming
    *  Gives courage
    *  Calms the mind & clears confusion
    *  Helps with decision making
    *  Helps to overcome mental exhaustion
    *  Reduces irritability, aggressiveness & impatience
    *  Helps to bring spirituality into everyday life
    *  Stimulates the immune system
    *  Detoxifies the liver, intestines & kidneys
    *  Regulates blood flow & aids circulation

    Chakra: Heart, Sacral & Base
    Zodiac: Aries, Libra & Pisces
    Birthstone: March