Kyanite Crystal Blade Rough Stones - Choice of Sizes

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  • Very pretty Blue Kyanite in thin slivers called blades.  The colouring is medium blue with white areas.  This stone is also known as Disthene.

    This is a great gemstone to use for opening your third eye (brow) chakra to stimulate intuition and psychic abilities and can also help to connect to your spirit guides.

    Choose from large, small or medium sized pieces or a full bag of very small pieces known as chips.

    Please be aware that these stones may have sharp edges and are very fragile.

    The price is per piece. See more rough stones here.

    Size: 3.6 - 7.5 cm approx
    Weight: 6 - 10 grams approx 

    Size: 3.1 - 7.2 cm approx
    Weight: 4 - 5 grams approx 

    Size: 1.7 - 6 cm approx
    Weight: 2 - 3 grams approx 

    40 pieces approx
    Weight: 45 grams approx (full bag)