Californian White Sage - Loose Leaves

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The price is for 1 bag of leaves.  See more smudge here

Dried leaves of Californian White Sage.  They're just like a smudge stick but left loose so you can burn just a few at a time.  They'll burn well once lit as they are, or you could put them on a charcoal disk.  They'd also be great to use with Abalone shells.

Please note that it's usual for the leaves to settle into small pieces & that these will still burn.

To use, place in a fireproof container, light the leaves & then blow out the flame.  The leaves should then smoulder & produce a perfumed smoke which can be wafted around yourself or your home to remove any negative energies & keep the area purified.  Either let them burn out naturally or carefully pat with a damp towel or tissue to extinguish.

Size:  Leaves are of varying sizes
Weight: 20 grams approx


*  Use to purify & remove negative energies
*  Convenient resealable pack
*  Use only what you need so no waste

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