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Charoite Slices

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Charoite slice tumblestones. These colouring of these large gemstones ranges from pale to deep purple with natural areas of black.  Charoiteis a stone that can help to cope with change and reduce stress and worry.  This is a crystal of unconditional love that can release fears.  Place by your bed to promote deep sleep. 

Size: 2.8 - 4.8 cm approx
Weight: 10 - 25 grams approx 


*  A stone of transformation
*  Overcomes fear
*  Stimulates inner vision & spiritual insight
*  Helps when coping with spiritual change
*  Encourages unconditional love
*  Provides deep physical & emotional healing
*  Helps with acceptance of others  
*  Encourages drive, vigour & spontaniety
*  Reduces stress & worry
*  Promotes a relaxed attitude
*  Regulates blood pressure
*  Treats the eyes, heart, liver & pancreas
*  Reverses liver damage due to alcohol
*  Treats cramps, aches & pains
*  Overcomes insomnia & aids deep sleep
*  Treats autism & bipolar disorders

Chakra: Crown
Zodiac: Pisces, Sagittarius & Scorpio