Citrine Tumblestone Crystal in Spiral Cage Keyring, Gemstone Key Ring

Citrine Keyring - TK Emporium
Citrine Keyring - TK Emporium

Citrine Tumblestone Crystal in Spiral Cage Keyring, Gemstone Key Ring

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A silver coloured metal keyring with a Citrine (heat treated Amethyst) tumblestone inside a spiral cage. The spiral cage can be gently pulled open to change the stone inside if you wish. The Citrine crystals are yellow with some areas of white. These are a great way to carry your favourite crystal around with you - use with your car/house keys or attach to the strap of your bag.

This stone releases negative traits and feelings.

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Size: 7.8 x 2.1 x 1.8 cm approx measured at the largest points
Weight: 7 grams approx

Citrine Benefits

* Cleanses & regenerates
* Inspires creativity
* Never needs cleansing
* Absorbs negative energy
* Energizing
* Opens intuition
* Attracts abundance
* Helps with manifestation
* Attracts wealth
* A generous stone that encourages sharing
* Promotes joy in life
* Raises self-esteem & self-confidence
* Enhances individuality
* Improves motivation, creativity & self-expression
* Helps to develop a positive attitude
* Promotes optimism
* Promotes enjoyment of new experiences
* Enhances concentration & revitalizes the mind
* Overcomes depression, fears & phobias
* Promotes inner calm
* Releases negative traits & feelings
* Helps restore emotional balance
* Treats Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
* Stimulates digestion, the spleen & the pancreas
* Treats kidney infections & the bladder
* Helps eye problems & balances the thyroid
* Increases blood circulation & detoxifies the blood
* Relieves constipation & removes cellulite
* Helps with menopausal symptoms & balances the hormones

Chakra: Crown, Solar Plexus & Sacral
Zodiac: Aries, Gemini, Leo & Virgo
Birthstone: November

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