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Dalmatian Stone Pendulum - Wand Shape

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Dalmatian Stone, also known as Dalmatian Jasper, crystal pendulum in a wand shape with beige & black colouring with natural patterning.  There's a Dalmatian stone in the middle with a Clear Quartz point at the bottom as well as a Clear Quartz ball at the top.

Pendulums are useful tools for questioning, dowsing & divination & are a perfect gift.

Pendulum Size: 6.8 - 7.5 cm approx (from tip of point to top of ball)
Chain Length: 16 cm approx
Weight: 18 - 20 grams approx  


*  Keeps you grounded
*  Provides protection
*  Brings back your sense of fun
*  Helps you to be more playful
*  Helps to overcome depression
*  Boosts energy
*  Helps to stop nightmares
*  Works gently so is ideal for children
*  Helps to reduce over thinking

Chakra: Sacral & Base
Zodiac: Virgo

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