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Dalmatian Stone Palm Stone - Medium

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The price is per piece. See more palm stones & pebbles here

Pieces of Dalmatian Stone, sometimes referred to as Dalmatian Jasper, crystal that have been polished and carved into the shape of a palm stone. They're ideally sized to fit into the palm of the hand and would make an excellent worry stone. These gemstones have natural spotted patterning in brown and black.

Size: 5 x 4 x 1 cm approx
Weight: 31 - 33 grams approx


*  Keeps you grounded
*  Provides protection
*  Brings back your sense of fun
*  Helps you to be more playful
*  Helps to overcome depression
*  Boosts energy
*  Helps to stop nightmares
*  Works gently so is ideal for children
*  Helps to reduce over thinking

Chakra: Sacral & Base
Zodiac: Virgo