Double Terminated Beads - Seconds

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The price is for 1 bead. See more beads here

Imperfectly shaped, drilled or chipped, these are seconds quality beads.  All the beads with have some form of defect that makes them not up to our usual standard.  They're all still usable but you may want to use them in designs for yourself and not ones that you'll be selling.  Please be aware of this before buying and there are no returns on these beads.

Banded Amethyst - chipped/scratched
Black Sunstone - chipped/scratched
Clear Quartz - chipped/scratched
Tourmalinated Quartz - chipped/scratched & chipped/scratched & hole off-set

Banded Amethyst -  chipped/scratched
Moonstone - chipped/scratched
Rose Quartz - chipped/scratched & chipped/scratched & slight damage around hole
Tourmalinated Quartz - chipped/scratched & chipped/scratched & slight damage around hole

Rose Quartz - chipped/scratched