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Dumortierite Elephant - Extra Small

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Dumortierite Elephant sculptures. The colouring of these elephants is pale to deep blue with deeper blue veining.  These gorgeous animal figurines would make a perfect gift for any animal lover or elephant fan.  Dumortierite is a blue form of Quartz.  This stone can help with attracting a soulmate & stabilizes rocky relationships.

Size: 3.7 x 2.9 x 1.9 cm approx
Weight: 25 - 32 grams approx


*  Makes you more receptive when in contact with angelic or spirit guides
*  Opens clairaudience when placed behind the ear
*  Activates past life memories
*  Breaks ties that no longer serve
*  Assists in standing up confidently for yourself
*  Brings unshakeable self-confidence
*  Calms over-excitability
*  Helps you to remain young at heart
*  Creates calm
*  Gently releases pent-up emotions

*  Overcomes shyness, stress, insomnia, panic & fear
*  Promotes clarity & self-discipline
*  Enhances organizational abilities
*  Stabilizes a rocky relationship
*  Attracts a soulmate
*  Heals sunburn, epilepsy, headaches, nausea & cramp

Chakra: Brow  & Throat
Zodiac: Aquarius & Leo

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