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Fuchsite (Green Muscovite) Rough Stones - Large

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The price is for 1 stone. See more rough stones here

Fuchsite, also known as Green Muscovite, crystals in their raw, rough, natural form.  These stones have light green shiny colouring caused by the Muscovite (Mica).

Size: 5.7 - 7.3 cm approx
Weight: 93 - 117 grams approx 


* Accesses knowledge with great practical value
* Can channel information regarding herbal treatment & holistic remedies
* Helps you to understand your interaction with other people & relates to basic concerns about life
* Deals with issues of servitude from past or present lives
*  Reverses a tendency toward martyrdom
* Is excellent for those who instantly fall into saviour or rescuer mode
* Shows how to be of service without becoming embroiled in power struggles or false humility
* Teaches true self-worth
* Restores equilibrium & emotional stability
* Shows you how to do only what is appropriate & necessary for someone else's soul growth
* Combines unconditional love with the tough love that says "no more"
* Is helpful for the "identified patient" on whom disease & tension is projected. It gives the identified patient the strength to find wellness
* Overcomes co-dependency & emotional blackmail
* Brings harmony to the home
* Encourages fight-back after a major setback or long or serious illness
* Brings resilience after trauma or emotional tension
* Amplifies the energy of crystals
* Reminds us of our inner child & need for fun, relaxation & joyfulness in life
* Moves energy to the lowest point, redressing the balance
* Releases blockages caused by excess energy, shifting the energy into positive channels
* Balances the red & white blood cell ration
* Treats carpal tunnel syndrome & repetitive strain injury
* Realigns the spine & increases flexibility in the musculoskeletal system
* Aids the immune system, throat & larynx
* Treats the arteries, inflammation, eczema, skin allergies & rashes
* Reduces snoring & sleep disturbances

Chakra: Throat & Heart
Zodiac: Aquarius, Leo & Libra

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