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Golden Beryl Tumblestones

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The price varies depending on whether you choose 1 or 3 stones. See more tumblestones here 

Golden Beryl, also known as Heliodor, tumblestones.  The colouring of these stones is pale to mid yellow and some stones may have inclusions.  This stone is excellent for helping to deal with a stressful life as well as calming the mind.  It can also stimulate the will to succeed as well as aiding well-being.

Size: 1.8 - 2.4 cm approx
Weight: 4 - 6 grams approx


*  Excellent for helping to deal with a stressful life
*  Helps you to shed unnecessary baggage
*  Helps to realize potential
*  Enhances courage
*  Calms the mind
*  Helps to filter our mental distractions
*  Encourages a positive view
*  Helps to overcome anxiety
*  Reawakens love in jaded long term relationships
*  Promotes purity of being
*  Stimulates the will to succeed
*  Boosts confidence
*  Aids well-being

Chakra: Crown & Solar Plexus
Zodiac: Leo & Sagittarius