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Hematite Bubbled Botryoidal Rough Stones

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Natural botryoidal Hematite crystals. Also known as Kidney Ore, these stone mineral specimens are a grey/brown metallic colour and were mined at Florence Mine, Egremont, Cumbria UK. Hematite is a grounding and protecting crystal that is said to be beneficial for legal situations. This stone can also boost self esteem and willpower.

Please note that as these are an entirely natural stone and have not been polished or smoothed in any way, it is normal that some loose material may become detached.

Size: 6.7 - 7.8 cm approx
Weight: 76 - 146 grams approx


* Provides grounding & protection
* Helps to overcome addictions such as smoking
* Helps to overcome overindulgence such as overeating
* Dissolves negativity
* Restores peace & harmony to the body
* Beneficial for legal situations
* Boosts self-esteem
* Enhances willpower
* Stimulates concentration & focus

Chakra: Base
Zodiac: Aries