Incense Mystery Parcel - Standard or Super Size

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The price is for 1 mystery parcel.  See more mystery parcels here

Do you love surprises?  Do you also love getting a fabulous bargain?  We're giving you the best of both! 

Standard - get £25 worth of incense for just £15.
Supersize - get £50 worth of incense for just £25.

This can be anything from our entire incense range whether it be smoke boxes or incense holders, incense cones or sticks, coils or backflow cones.  The items will be chosen from our current or discontinued ranges.  Every mystery parcel will be different.

You'll get a list of all the contents which will be £25/£50 or more at RRP.  As this is a 40%/50% discount on the usual prices, you won't be able to choose the contents of your mystery parcel.


*  Get top quality incense at trade price
*  The perfect gift for an incense-loving friend
*  Keep your home smelling fresh & fragrant for months