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Iolite Rough Stones - Medium

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The price is per piece unless the option to choose 1, 3 or 5 stones is available. See more rough stones here

Iolite, also known as Water Sapphire, raw, natural crystals. The colouring of these crystals is mid to dark blue with some white patches and some green staining. These stones were mined in India and could be used for lapidary work or just as lovely additions to your mineral collection. Iolite is the name given to gem grade Cordierite.

Please note that as these are entirely natural and have not been polished or smoothed in any way, it is normal that some loose material may become detached.

Size: 5.8 - 7.5 cm approx
Weight: 116 - 186 grams approx


* Helps to achieve visualization & intuitive insight
* Stimulates connection to inner knowing
* Assists journeys out of the body
* Aids understanding
* Releases the causes of addiction
* Helps to express your true self
* Clears thought forms
* Prevents insomnia, nightmares & sleep disturbances
* Can be used during travelling to guide you safely home

Chakra: Brow & Throat
Zodiac: Cancer