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Kammererite Tumblestones

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Kammererite tumblestones. This is a rare stone and the colouring of these stones is purple with some areas of black. These gemstones were mined in Turkey.  This is a high vibration stone that stimulates spiritual awakening and growth as well as cleansing the aura.  Use it on the crown and brow chakras.

Size: 2.2 - 2.5 cm approx
Weight: 6 - 11 grams approx


*  Has a high vibration
*  Stimulates spiritual awakening
*  Activates spiritual growth
*  Cleanses the aura
*  Detoxifies the body
*  Deepens meditation
*  Facilitates angelic contact
*  Balances the brain to harmonize thinking

Chakra: Crown/Brow
Zodiac: None known