Lapis Lazuli Blue & Gold 4 cm Crystal Ball / Sphere from Afghanistan

Lapis Lazuli Sphere - TK Emporium
Lapis Lazuli Sphere - TK Emporium

Lapis Lazuli Blue & Gold 4 cm Crystal Ball / Sphere from Afghanistan

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Pieces of Lapis Lazuli crystal that have been polished and carved in to the shape of a sphere/ball/orb. The colouring is blue with gold and white.

This stone brings objectivity and clarity to the mind.

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Country of origin: Afghanistan

Size: 4 cm diameter approx measured at the largest points
Weight: 83 - 98 grams approx

Lapis Lazuli Crystal Benefits

* Stimulates enlightenment
* Enhances psychic abilities
* Releases stress
* Brings deep peace
* Provides protection
* Blocks psychic attack
* Harmonizes physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels
* Encourages taking charge of life
* Encourages self-awareness
* Aids self-expression without holding back
* Brings qualities of honesty, compassion & uprightness
* Brings objectivity & clarity to the mind
* Encourages creativity
* Helps you to confront the truth
* Helps you to express your own opinions
* Bonds relationships in love & friendship
* Dissolves martyrdom, cruelty & suffering
* Helps to attract promotion at work
* Relieves pain, especially of migraine headaches
* Overcomes depression
* Treats the throat, respiratory & nervous systems
* Treats the larynx & thyroid
* Cleanses organs & purifies the blood
* Boosts the immune system
* Overcomes insomnia & vertigo
* Lowers blood pressure & overcomes hearing loss
* Helps with autism & Asperger's Syndrome

Chakra: Brow & Throat
Zodiac: Libra, Sagittarius, Taurus & Virgo
Birthstone: September

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