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Larvikite (Norwegian Moonstone) Elephant - Extra Small

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Larvikite, also known as Norwegian Moonstone, crystal elephant carving.  Elephants with their trunks raised up are believed to bring good luck.  Larvikite has a natural iridescence, similar to Labradorite.  This would be a great gift for any animal lover or elephant enthusiast.

Size: 3.9 x 3 x 2 cm approx
Weight:  33 - 39 grams approx 


*  A stone of magic & metaphysics
*  Enhances soul journeying through multi-dimensions

*  Stimulates metaphysical abilities & visionary experiences
*  Sees behind the outer facade of people & situations
*  Helps during past life regression
*  Connects to spirit guides
*  Aids recall & understanding of dream messages
*  Earthing & grounding
*  Repels negative energy & is said to cancel spells
*  Releases attachments & spirit entities
*  Helps you to get in touch with nature
*  Has a powerful connection with water, especially rain & storms
*  Helps you to deal flexibly with life encouraging you not to dwell on problems but to be adaptable
*  Supports emotional healing
*  Helps you to be the best that you can be
*  Teaches the value of right timing & attuning to natural cycles
*  Assists in making decisions based on common sense
*  Helps the mind to assimilate new information
*  Increases physical vitality & youthfulness
*  May lower blood pressure
*  Calms & stabilizes the nervous system
*  Aids recovery after strokes & thrombosis

Chakra: Crown, Brow, Throat & Base
Zodiac: Leo & Sagittarius

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