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Mica (Muscovite) Rough Stones

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The price varies depending on whether you choose 1 or 3 stones. See more rough stones here

Mica, also known as Muscovite, crystals in their rough, natural form with gold colouring.  Please note that these are very delicate stones & its usual that some of the flakes may become detached.

Size: 3 - 5.1 cm approx
Weight: 14 - 41 grams approx 


* A mystical stone with strong angelic contact, stimulating awareness of the higher self
* Stimulates the heart chakra, facilitates astral travel & opens the intuition & psychic vision
* Has the ability to allow recognition of the flaws in humanity & stimulates unconditional love & acceptance
* A reflective stone, mirroring back & allowing you to recognize your projections - the parts of yourself that you don't recognize & see "out there"
* Releases tension within the physical body & aligns the subtle bodies & meridians with the physical body, bringing about balance
* Disperses insecurity, self-doubt & clumsiness
* Improves memory & concentration
* Is useful for people who suffer from dyspraxia & left-right confusion
* Eliminates anger & nervous stress, to bring flexibility at all levels of being
* Assists in looking forward joyfully to the future & back to the past to appreciate all the lessons that have been learned
* Supports during the exploration of painful feelings
* Aids problem-solving & stimulates quick wittedness
* Facilitates the clear expression of thoughts & feelings
* Helps the body to achieve its most appropriate weight
* Controls blood sugar, balances pancreatic secretions, alleviates dehydration & prevents hunger while fasting
* Regulates the kidneys
* Relieves insomnia & allergies & heals any condition resulting from disease or distress
* Assists the liver, digestion & intestines
* Increases strength & stamina

Chakra: Brow & Heart
Zodiac: Aquarius & Leo

Customer Reviews

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Carla Price

Oh my gosh, this crystal is beyond beautiful. The pictures honestly don’t do it justice. It’s so sparkly and the colour is gorgeous, it’s a very delicate crystal but mine arrived in perfect conditions with no breakages as it was packaged very well! Ecstatic