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Moonstone Rough Stones - Small

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The price varies depending on whether you choose 1 or 3 stones.  See more rough stones here

Moonstone crystals in their raw, rough, natural form. The colouring of these stones is mainly beige/grey & most pieces have a pearlescent shimmer.  They were mined in India. 

Size: 4.5 - 6.6 cm approx
Weight: 33 - 60 grams approx


*  Encourages new beginnings
*  Strongly connects to the moon & intuition
*  Reminds us that everything is part of a cycle
*  Calms the emotions
*  Encourages lucid dreaming
*  Enhances psychic abilities & clairvoyance
*  Aids men who want to get in touch with their feminine side
*  Soothes emotional instability & stress
*  Aids emotional healing
*  Reduces PMS & balances the hormones
*  Helps the digestive & reproductive systems
*  Balances the hormones
*  Can be helpful in calming hyperactive children
*  Eliminates toxins & fluid retention
*  Is excellent for PMS, conception, pregnancy, childbirth & breast feeding
*  Treats insomnia and can prevent sleepwalking

Chakra: Sacral
Zodiac: Aquarius, Cancer, Libra, Pisces, Scorpio & Virgo
Birthstone: June