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Orange Calcite Rough Stones

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The price is per piece unless the option to choose 1 or 3 stones is available. See more rough stones here

Rough Orange Calcite crystal that has been acid washed to give it a waxy finish. This is a soft mineral that is found worldwide. This crystal can bring a boost of energy and helps with IBS, It can also be helpful for balancing the emotions and overcoming depression.

Size: 3.6 - 5.9 cm approx
Weight: 15 - 54 grams approx


* Highly energizing & cleansing
* Balances the emotions
* Removes fear & overcomes depression
* Dissolves problems & maximises potential
* A stone of happiness

* Promotes optimism & well-being
* Gently awakens or reawakens sexual desire & sensuality
* Increases creativity & self-esteem
* Heals the reproductive system
* Heals intestinal disorders such as IBS

Chakra: Sacral
Zodiac: Leo