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Picasso Stone Sphere

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Pieces of Picasso Stone that have been polished & carved into the shape of a sphere.  These spheres are mainly grey with black markings & one of the spheres has some brown marking also.  This is an attractively patterned black, white & brown mineral so called because it often appears to have brush strokes & is named after Picasso the artist. Although commonly known as Picasso Jasper this stone is, in fact, marble & is found in the USA.

The stand isn't included but you can buy one from our range here.

Size: 3.9 cm diameter approx
Weight: 87 grams approx


*  Assists communication
*  Encourages clarity of thought
*  Brings awareness of the beauty in others as well as surroundings
*  Helps you to reconnect with old friends
*  Strengthens intuition
*  Helps to connect to the higher mind
*  Puts you in touch with eternal wisdom
*  Meditating with it helps to organize chaotic thoughts & overcome challenges
*  Treats arteries, feet & legs
*  Treats bowels, constipation, the colon & intestines
*  Boosts the immune system
*  Treats Parkinson's disease & Multiple Sclerosis

Chakra: Base
Zodiac: Taurus & Virgo