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Protection Crystal Set

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The price is for 1 set. See more crystal healing sets here

A set of 3 crystal stones that may help provide physical and spiritual protection.

The crystals included in this set are:-

* Black Obsidian
* Dalmatian Stone
* Smoky Quartz

An information sheet explaining how to cleanse and attune your crystals is also included, together with details of the crystals selected. Please note that sizes, shapes and colours of crystals may vary as each crystal is unique. Each stone will be labelled for easy identification.

Also included is a burgundy coloured organza bag to keep your crystals in. The organza bag measures approx 7 x 10 cm.

*  The perfect gift for anyone who needs protection whether it be physical or spiritual
*  You can work with all the stones together or choose a different one daily
*  Full information included on the healing properties of the stones
*  Easy to follow instructions for cleansing
*  All stones are labelled for easy identification