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Que Sera (Llanite) Rough Stones - Medium

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Rough, natural chunks of Que Sera crystal. Que Sera, also know as Llanite, is a member of the Rhyolite family. The colouring of these stones is blue and some pink patches on matrix (bed rock). This stone helps to activate your personal power and create your own reality as well as accessing the Akashic Record to find your soul's purpose.

Size: 6.3 - 8 cm approx
Weight: 135 - 186 grams approx


* Acts like a battery to activate your personal power
* Helps to create your own reality
* Helps you attune to the Akashic Record of your soul's purpose
* Helps is you find it impossible to say "no"
* Aids in finding constructive solutions and encourages you not to dwell on problems
* Encourages you to be confident in your actions
* Protects against EMF pollution
* Is an all round healer
* Recharges & balances the meridians
* Energizes all the organs & systems of the physical body

Chakra: Sacral & Base
Zodiac: Gemini & Sagittarius