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Rainbow Fluorite Rough Stone - XXL

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An XXL sixe chunk of natural fluorite crystal. The colouring of this stone is green, purple and white with some natural staining. This specimen was mined in Namibia and could be used for lapidary work or just as a beautiful specimen in it's own right. Please note that there is some natural staining and matrix (bed rock) attached. This stone draws off negative energies and stress of all kinds so would be perfect as a display piece in your living space.

Please note that as this is entirely natural and has not been polished or smoothed in any way, it is normal that some loose material may become detached.

Size: 14.8 x 10.8 x 5.7 cm approx
Weight: 1,370 grams approx


* Very protective especially on a psychic level
* Cleanses & stabilizes the aura
* Draws off negative energies & stress of all kinds
* Helps to overcome disorganization
* Heightens intuitive powers
* Speeds up spiritual awakening
* Dissolves fixed patterns of behaviour
* Brings suppressed feelings to the surface for resolution
* Increases self-confidence
* Helps with mental disorders
* Aids learning & promotes quick thinking
* Stabilizes the emotions
* Assists physical balance & coordination
* Aids meditation
* Benefits teeth, cells & bones
* Treats viruses
* Beneficial for colds, flu & sinusitis
* Treats arthritis & rheumatism
* Treats nerve related pain
* Helps during dental work

Chakra: Brow
Zodiac: Aquarius, Capricorn & Pisces

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