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Silver Sheen Obsidian Tumblestones

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The price varies depending on whether you choose 1 or 3 stones. See more tumblestones here 

Silver Sheen Obsidian tumblestones.  The colouring of these stones is black with one or all of the faces of the crystals having a silver sheen.  

Size: 2 - 3 cm approx
Weight: 4 - 10 grams approx


*  Enhances meditation
*  Provides a mirror of inner being
*  Assists spiritual development
*  Aids communication
*  Brings advantages throughout life & imparts patience & perseverance when required
*  Is helpful when journeying out of the body as it connects the astral body with the physical body & brings the soul back into physical incarnation
*  Helps relieve pain from migraines or after surgery

Chakra: Throat, Sacral & Base
Zodiac: Cancer & Scorpio