Smoky Quartz Rough Points

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  • Smoky Quartz rough points. These colouring of these stones ranges from pale to very dark brown some having areas of white. This is natural quartz that has been artificially irradiated to darken it's colour. 

    This is a great stone to choose to keep you grounded and anchored if you're feeling spaced out.  It provides protection and stress relief as well as relieving fear and depression.

    Please note that these are raw, natural points and that there will be rough areas and the points may not be perfectly shaped. 

    Choose from large, medium, small or a bag of very small pieces known as chips.

    Please be aware that these stones may have sharp edges.

    The price is per piece. See more points here

    Size: 6.6 - 7.2 cm approx
    Weight: 64 - 89 grams approx 

    Size: 2.7 - 6 cm approx
    Weight: 13 - 38 grams approx 

    Size: 2.3 - 3.9 cm approx
    Weight: 4 - 10 grams approx 

    5 pieces approx
    Weight: 9 grams approx (full bag)