Sodalite Crystal Necklace / Pendant in Spiral Cage on Black Cord

Sodalite Necklace / Pendant - TK Emporium
Sodalite Necklace / Pendant - TK Emporium

Sodalite Crystal Necklace / Pendant in Spiral Cage on Black Cord

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A Sodalite tumblestone inside a silver coloured metal spiral cage.  The spiral cage can be gently pulled open to change the stone inside if you wish.  It is natural for the cage to stretch slightly when a larger stone is placed inside.   The Sodalite crystals are blue in colour with some having white markings. The cage is held on a black waxed cotton cord with an adjustable lobster claw fastening.

This stone balances the emotions.

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Necklace length: 48 - 52 cm approx 
Cage size: 2.7 x 2.5 cm approx 
Weight: 12 grams approx 

Sodalite Benefits

* Deepens meditation
* Opens spiritual perception
* Helps to remain true to yourself & stand up for your beliefs
* Clears electromagnetic pollution
* Calms the mind
* Provides EMF protection
* Balances the emotions
* Boosts self-esteem
* Calms panic attacks
* Enhances self-acceptance & self-trust
* Helps to overcome phobias
* Encourages rational thought
* Reduces mental confusion
* Cleanses the lymphatic system & boosts the immune system
* Overcomes insomnia
* Treats the throat & digestive disorders
* Cools fevers & lowers blood pressure

Chakra: Brow & Throat
Zodiac: Cancer, Sagittarius & Virgo

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