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Stromatolite Palm Stones

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Stromatolite palm stone crystals.  The stones have been polished and shaped to fit beautifully in your hand so they can be used as a palm stone or worry stone.  The colouring of these stones is deep brown with natural swirling patterns.

Size: 7.1 x 5.1 x 1.1 cm approx
Weight: 70 - 75 grams approx


*  Carries eternal knowledge & helps to read the Akashic Record of previous lives
*  Excellent for support during evolutionary change as it has weathered billions of years of chaos, catastrophe & transformation
*  Aids processing & learning from all your experiences
*  Instils flexibility & the ability to "let go" or opt out of disagreements while still maintaining your own point of view
*  Helps with past life regression & shamanic journeying
*  Meditating with this stone acts as a portal to the far past of the earth, delving deep into its history, evolution & closely guarded secrets
*  Assists with earth cleansing & healing
*  Helps you to release outdated mental programs & patterns
*  Assists in meridian-based tapping therapies, such as EFT & increases brain function
*  Encourages healing at a cellular level
*  Aids recovery from serious illness or psychosomatic disease
*  Assists the passage of fluid through the body & brain, regulating the flow as appropriate
*  Helps to maintain the skeletal system & brain hemispheres
*  Encourages the elimination of toxins through the kidneys & blood-rich organs
*  Treats the thymus & throat, hands & feet

Chakra: Crown & Brow
Zodiac: Capricorn

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