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Tingsha Bells

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The price is for 1 set of tingsha bells.  See more gifts here

These Tingsha Bells, also called hanging cymbals, are hand made from brass.  They were originally used by Tibetan monks in their temples for healing & meditation.  These tingsha bells are decorated with 8 lucky symbols.

They're a great way to cleanse your crystals by using their sound.  To use, hold the leather cord between both your hands so that the bells are hanging freely & are level with each other.  Gently bring the bells together so that they create a sound.  You'll notice that the tone of the sound will change as your crystal becomes cleansed & ready to use.  

Size: 5.5 cm diameter approx (each bell)
Weight: 150 grams approx


*  Great for cleansing your crystals
*  Ideal for removing negative energies
*  Simple to use & easy to carry round with you