How to Manifest your Dreams & Desires using Crystals

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As we start a new year, we often consider it a good time to reflect on the past and plan for the future.  Wouldn't it be amazing if it was possible to turn our plans and dreams into reality?  It really is possible to manifest what we want, read on to find out how.

In reality, all too often, we make a great start and then our dreams and goals fizzle out because we don't follow through on our intentions to manifest what we truly want.  There are a few easy steps we can take to make our manifestation more effective and the great news is that crystals can help to boost and power up the manifesting process.

You may have heard the phrase "where thoughts go, energy flows" and this is really true.  Keep your thoughts positive and focus on manifesting what you want to achieve.  Eliminate all mental barriers and self-sabotaging thoughts such as "I don't deserve it", "I'm not good enough" etc.

The important thing is to set your intention and follow it through. 

Crystals are a tool that can really help to boost our manifesting.  Choose the best crystal for what you want to manifest.  These are some good ones to choose.

To manifest abundance, wealth & money

Blue or Green Goldstone
Moss Agate
Green Aventurine

    Citrine crystals

    To manifest improved health 

    Red Jasper

    Shungite crystals

    To manifest a more balanced lifestyle 

    Snowflake Obsidian
    Malachite crystals

    To manifest a romance or an improved loving relationship

    Rose Quartz
    Rose Quartz crystals
    There are many ways to use the crystals in your manifestation.  Carry them round with you as a reminder of your intention or use them as part of a crystal grid set with your intent for manifesting your desire.

    Here are a few tips to help turn your dreams into reality. 

    Be specific

    When setting your manifest intention, be very specific about what you want.  Ask yourself these questions.  "What do I want"?  "Why do I want it"?  "How will I feel once I have it"?  "What benefit will it bring"?

    Personally I like to write down what I want to manifest and then place a crystal on top.  For example, you might write "I want to have an extra £500 of income each month for the next year to help with cost of living and energy price increases so that myself and my family can keep well fed, warm and comfortable".  This would be better than writing "I want more money" as it's far more specific.

    Be consistent

    Focus your energy on the dream you want to manifest every day or several times a day if you can.  Early morning when you wake or at night just before sleep are great times to do this.  You could meditate and visualise - seeing your life once your goal has been manifested.

    Be prepared

    When you manifest it can literally change your life.  Be prepared for change when manifesting.  Give thanks and gratitude as if you'd already achieved your goal.  Get ready to receive.  Get excited about it as all you've manifested is on it's way to you.

    If you believe, you can achieve!


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