Image Disclaimer

Please note that the pictures are for guidance only and are not always the exact item that you'll receive.  It's not possible to provide a photo of individual stones and you'll be sent a crystal at random from our current stock.  Colours, shapes and sizes may vary as each piece is unique.

We make every effort to ensure the colours of our products are as accurate as possible in product photos, but we cannot account for screen variations in customer devices. Therefore, actual colours may vary slightly from what you see.

Beads Disclaimer

Please note that beads may not be perfectly shaped and that there is a small approximate +/- 1 mm tolerance as each bead is unique.

Benefits Disclaimer

Where Crystal Benefits information has been provided, this is to be used as a guide only.  The information provided is the result of personal experience as a qualified Crystal Therapist as well as research.  Much of the information provided has been sourced from The Crystal Bible series of books by Judy Hall as well as The New Crystal Bible by Cassandra Eason.

We believe the crystals may help you but there is no guarantee of this and we accept no responsibility if you do not achieve the desired result.  Crystals should be used in a complementary way to work alongside any conventional drugs/medicine.  Please always consult your GP, doctor or healthcare professional and follow their advice on medical issues.