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Blue Lace Agate Tumblestones - Flat

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The price varies depending on whether you choose 1 or 3 stones. See more tumblestones here 

Blue Lace Agate crystal tumblestones in the form of flat discs. The colouring is pale blue with some stones having natural patterning.  They would be perfect for wire wrapping projects but could be used equally well for healing and therapy treatments as they will lie flat on the client's body.

A lot of the stones have a front and back side, with the back side having some natural indentations/imperfections.

Size: 1.3 - 2.8 cm approx
Weight: 0.6 - 7 grams approx


*  Is a healing stone
*  Is cooling & calming
*  Brings peace of mind
*  Activates & heals the throat chakra
*  Allows free expression of thoughts & feelings
*  Opens the way to experience higher energies
*  Is a great nurturing & supportive stone
*  Neutralizes anger, infection, inflammation & fever
*  Counteracts the suppression & repression of feelings that stem from the fear of being judged & rejected
*  Gently dissolves the old pattern of repression & encourages a new mode of expression
*  Can be useful for men to release & accept their sensitivity & feeling natures
*  Assists with verbal expression of thoughts & feelings
*  Counteracts mental stress
*  Links thought to the spiritual vibration 
*  Releases shoulder & neck problems, thyroid deficiencies & throat & lymph infections
*  Lowers fevers & removes blockages of the nervous system
*  Treats arthritic & bone deformity & strengthens the skeletal system as well as healing fractures
*  Aids capillaries & the pancreas
*  Treats high blood pressure & tension-related headaches
*  Heals skin allergies

Chakra: Throat
Zodiac: Aquarius, Pisces & Sagittarius