Incense Stick Cone Smoke Box

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Sheesham wood incense stick and cone smoke box to take sticks and cones together.  Place the cone on the brass disc inside the box and balance the stick through the hole in the end of the box so that the incense part is suspended inside the box.  Once the cone/stick has been lit and is smouldering after the flame has been blown out, the lid can be shut so that the perfumed smoke comes through the fretwork holes in the lid.

Size: 31 long x 5.5 deep x 6.5 high cm approx
Weight:  319 grams


*  Attractive designs
*  Takes both incense sticks & cones
*  Holds your incense sticks & cones securely & safely
*  Your incense sticks & cones are totally enclosed in the box meaning no messy ash everywhere
*  Great gift idea