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Rainbow Moonstone Rough Stones - Medium

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Pieces of raw natural Rainbow Moonstone. The colouring of these stones is white and black with flashes of blue. This stone carries the vibration of cosmic light and offers spiritual healing as well as assisting inter and multi-dimensional journeying. It also links into your soul as well as your current life plan.

Size: 4.8 - 5.1 cm approx
Weight: 51 - 56 grams approx


* Carries the vibration of cosmic light & offers spiritual healing for the whole of humanity
* Takes on you on inter & multi-dimensional journeys
* Assists all emotional healing
* Reassures all who feel alone, lost or vulnerable
* Reminds you that you are part of an ongoing, ever unfolding cycle
* Links to your overall soul as well as your current life plan
* Helps you to see the unseen and intuitively read symbols & synchronisities
* Opens you to spiritual gifts
* Place under your pillow to aid lucid dreaming & calm sleep
* Powerfully attuned to the cycles & phases of the moon
* Treats the internal organs, eyes, arteries & veins
* Assists the hormones, fertility & menstrual cycle
* Treats the thyroid, pituitary gland, bowels & breasts
* Aids recovery after operations on breasts, womb & sterilization
* Treats anaphylactic shock

Chakra: Crown, Brow & Sacral
Zodiac: Cancer